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Below is the extended information relating to the cookies installed on the website (hereinafter the "Site").


A cookie consists of a small portion of information, sent in the form of a unique anonymous code from the web server to the user's browser, where it is then saved on the storage drive of the user's computer, smartphone or tablet. Cookies are mainly used for two purposes: to ensure the efficient functioning of a website (technical cookies) and to collect data on user preferences during navigation, in order to present personalized advertisements (profiling cookies).

Cookies can remain on your device for variable durations; Permanent cookies remain until they are manually deleted, while session cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser. Furthermore, cookies can be created by the site you are visiting, called first-party cookies, or by other web services, in this case they are called third-party cookies.


The Site uses the following cookies:

Technical cookies

These cookies are essential for optimal navigation of the Site and guarantee a display adapted to the user's local settings, such as language and market, from the first entry. They automatically detect the country from which the user connects, ensuring redirection to the most suitable language of the Site on each subsequent visit. They allow you to register, log in and manage purchases. If a user logs in, the Site can identify him to provide services to registered users and recognize transactions made through affiliated sites, ensuring compliance with agreements with partners. They are essential for the functioning of the Site.

Analytical cookies

Through these cookies, data is collected for statistical studies on the use of the Site. These include the analysis of the tools used by users, the counting of pages visited and clicks made during navigation. The information is aggregated and processed anonymously, used solely for statistical purposes. If these cookies only track IP addresses in anonymous form, they are considered essential, not allowing direct identification of the user.

Profiling cookies

Through the use of these cookies, the Site is able to memorize the choices made by users to provide a personalized experience. These cookies allow us to record the preferences shown during visits and to create profiles that facilitate the sending of content and offers that best match the user's interests, such as showing the products searched for as a priority or suggesting similar items.

Third-party cookies for marketing and retargeting

These cookies are managed by trusted third-party entities and are used to present advertising banners on partner sites, reflecting the latest articles viewed on the Site. During navigation, they also serve to propose products of possible interest or similar to those already observed, based on the user's previous browsing activity.

The characteristics of the cookies used on the Site are illustrated in the table which can be viewed at this link.


By visiting any page of our Site, you will be greeted by a notice containing a brief privacy statement. This banner is designed to give users the freedom to choose whether they wish to provide their personal data for marketing activities and analysis of browsing behavior. The processing of such data is based on the consent explicitly given by following the instructions provided in the banner. Opting not to grant consent will not affect the browsing experience on the Site, although it may limit the personalization of commercial proposals and navigation advice.

As regards cookies strictly necessary for the functioning of the Site, no consent is required from the user, as their use is justified by the legitimate interest of the owner of the Site in guaranteeing and improving the accessibility and functionality of the Site. Site.


Personal data will be processed using automated procedures and stored only for the period necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were obtained. Adequate security measures, both technical and managerial, have been implemented to safeguard against the possible loss of data, any inappropriate or illicit use, and to prevent access by unauthorized parties.